Pourquoi le Yoga ?

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What is YOGA ?

« The word yoga itself means “union”: of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. »

Though many people think of yoga only as physical exercises, the Asanas (postures) is only a part of it.

To keep it simple, yoga is defined through 8 limbs:

  • Yama : Self behavior towards others based on vows
  • Niyama : Self discipline
  • Asana : Physical posture
  • Pranayama : “Life force extension” is the practice of  breath control
  • Pratyahara : Detachment from our senses
  • Dharana : Concentration
  • Dhyana : Meditation
  • Samadhi : Enlightenment / self realisation

Learn more about the 8 limbs here and here

Why starting with Asanas (postures) is a good idea? 

Each of the limbs helps you to get to the next one. Starting from Yama to Samadhi.
But it is interesting to say that most of the people already apply the first two limbs to their lives and are not aware of it. Starting with the posture will emerge yourself into the practice of self awareness. The more you train the more you will be conscious of what you do, what you think and most important: what you feel.

The practice of Asanas opens the awareness to your life and will help you to slowly explore the other limbs of Yoga.

Why starting Yoga may change your life ?

The list of the benefits of doing yoga is incredibly long. As follows I will emphasize those that are the most life changing for me:

* Brings consciousness to breath
* Builds your muscles and helps to relieve chronic pain
* Improves your self confidence & self love
* Cultivates the attitude of gratitude
* Improves flexibility and mobility
* Better understanding of your own body and mind
* Helps to beat depression

Make sure you google it if you want to learn more about all the incredible benefits  happy emoji

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Who can do Yoga and how ?

Yoga is for everyone,no matter your age, size, flexibility or physical condition. Trust yourself and your capabilities. Start somewhere. If you want to try yoga at home without joining a class, feel free to book a private lesson now to get personalized services adapted to your needs.

Choose what is best for you :

Go on the BOOK A CLASS NOW  page and choose the option that suits you the best to start or continue your yoga journey.

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